After 5 years in the start-up world collaborating with companies like Google and Škoda Auto, the award-winning marketer Donovan Alexander restarted his career. He has combined his passion for artificial intelligence, fashion, design, and technology to begin a new journey as an aspiring multidisciplinary designer and technology writer.

In his latest article ‘11 of the Most Innovative Cities in the World‘ he examines cities that have become hubs for exciting emerging technologies and are using emerging technologies to improve the quality of their residents’ lives.

4. Copenhagen

Another city aiming to become carbon neutral by 2025, this Danish city is not only renowned for its environmental efforts. The city itself is considered to be one of the best places to live in the world because of its quality of life. Just looking at the IESE Cities in Motion Index, the city ranks top 25 in social cohesion, governance, international outreach, mobility and transportation, and the economy.

5. Paris

Paris makes the list for its massively growing tech business community that is said to be almost on par with London, attracting talent from across the world. The financial hub also has made a strenuous effort to improve the lives of citizens. The City of Lights has worked hard to promote clean transportation through the use of bikes and electric vehicles. Using the power of the IoT, Paris aims to reinvent the way Europe views public transportation, even going as far as creating a 100% automatic metro system.

6. New York City

New York City is a top contender on both the Innovation Cities Index and the IESE Cities in Motion Index for multiple reasons. First and foremost, the Big Apple attracts a lot of top talent in the STEM fields with some of the world’s most important businesses following. In NYC, there are 326,000 people in the tech fields and the city itself hosts well over 7,000 start-ups. The city is pushing out advancements in manufacturing and robotics, cybersecurity, and health and life sciences.

On the other end of the spectrum, NYC is working hard to become a “smarter” and more environmentally conscious city for its citizens. Aside from building more sustainable infrastructure,  environmental plans like the one created by the Department of Environmental Protection aims to better monitor water consumption in real-time for both customers and the city.

7. Reykjavik

Though this city might be one of the smaller cities on this list, Reykjavik is doing some big things. Another top contender on the IESE Cities in Motion Index, the city is considered innovative because of its energy production. Simply put, approximately 99% of the electricity produced in the city and about 80% of the total energy production comes from hydroelectric and geothermal energy. By 2040, the city aims to become a zero-carbon emission city.

8. Seoul

Seoul has the goal of becoming one of the world’s first official smart cities using the power of the IoT. Recently, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the plans of installing 50,000 Internet of Things (IoT) smart sensors across the city. These sensors would be able to provide citizens information on pollution levels throughout the city, traffic information, and even let them check the availability of public parking throughout the city.

9. Boston

Boston hosts some of the most premier schools in the world attracting business and research talent to its streets. Schools like MIT and Harvard churn out leaders in the STEM fields. The city its self has one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in the United States with its booming start-up culture. Companies like Boston Dynamics, have made Boston their home simply for this reason.

10. London

London makes the list simply for its ability to attract global business and top tier talent. Its current thriving technology sector makes it an excellent place for start-ups; also bringing in global tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Intel. According to the IESE index, London hosts more start-ups and programmers than any other city in the world. The city’s commitment to improving its transportation over the next decade could push the city to host one of the most innovative and advanced transportation systems in Europe.

11. Tokyo

Tokyo’s obvious clash of old and new is splattered along the city, creating the perfect backdrop for many of our favorite science fiction stories. The city’s love for technology has seeped into every aspect of its culture and will probably be even more apparent during this Summer’s 2020 Olympics. Dubbed the robot capital, Tokyo has become a global hub for robotics research and development. Tokyo is even planning to employ robots to help visitors attending the Olympic event, offering everything from foreign language support to bag assistance.

Even more so, the city of Tokyo is one of the global leaders of 3D manufacturing, pioneering new 3D printed methods and techniques. According to IESE, Tokyo also has one of the highest rates of labor productivity and has the most populous urban agglomeration in the world.