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Travel seamlessly in Sweden

At SilverRail, we believe it is important to allow people to travel seamlessly. Our mission is to make it easy to plan, book, and travel, regardless of how many disparate modes of transportation are involved in a journey. In Sweden, this is already a reality. Our colleagues are already working with rail networks, buses, taxis [...]

Travel seamlessly in Sweden2016-11-03T01:07:53+00:00

How San Francisco is changing the way we move

San Francisco, California, is at the forefront of the sharing economy. Being home to companies like Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Lyft, to name but a few, the city’s proximity to Silicon Valley’s hub of technology innovation has helped power its emerging scene of sharing startup companies. Following the advocacy of companies such as IBM and [...]

How San Francisco is changing the way we move2016-11-07T23:57:07+00:00

Future city Glasgow

In 2013, Glasgow beat a host of other UK cities to win funding worth £24m from the Technology Strategy Board (now known as Innovate UK) to explore innovative ways to use technology and data to make life in the city safer, smarter and more sustainable. Cities and their citizens generate a huge amount of data, [...]

Future city Glasgow2016-11-07T23:52:37+00:00

Barcelona – European capital of innovation in 2014

Barcelona has always been characterised by its spirit of innovation, enterprise and nonconformity. It was named European Capital of Innovation in 2014 by the EU and hosts the annual Smart City Expo World Congress. It has more than 100 active smart city projects ranging from smart traffic lights, telecare services and electric cars through to ubiquitous public Wi-Fi. Barcelona’s [...]

Barcelona – European capital of innovation in 20142016-11-06T19:08:21+00:00

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities

The world is changing more quickly and in more complex ways than perhaps ever before. Cities are facing dramatic social, economic and environmental challenges and people are moving into cities in volume to find new opportunities. To keep pace, cities are seeking more efficient ways to manage infrastructure and processes and offer citizen services, often [...]

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities2016-11-07T23:50:24+00:00

IBM – A vision of smarter cities

Becoming a “smarter city” is a journey, not an overnight transformation. Cities must prepare for change that will be revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, as they put in place next-generation systems that work in entirely new ways. City administrations must decide what activities are core, and, therefore, what they should shed, retain or explore. Not only [...]

IBM – A vision of smarter cities2016-11-06T18:46:19+00:00

Top 10 smart city tech suppliers

The continuous development of big data analytics, sensors and Internet-enabled devices in cities is well known. However, research now indicates why the front runners in the “smart city” tech market are with IBM, Cisco and Schneider Electric in podium positions. The estimate, released in November by Navigant Research, calculated the trio at the top of [...]

Top 10 smart city tech suppliers2016-11-06T19:09:20+00:00

Xerox launches mobility companion to make travel easier

Xerox announced the Xerox Mobility Companion, an innovative travel solution that interfaces with the systems of different transport operators and providers in a city or region to offer citizens door-to-door trip planning. The solution combines all available travel options such as bus, train, tram, bicycle, car sharing, carpooling and electric car battery recharging services and thus [...]

Xerox launches mobility companion to make travel easier2016-11-06T19:09:47+00:00
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