Bringing Nordic Mobility Together

Trond Hovland, CEO at ITS Norway, explains how the project to create a region-wide enabler platform for mobility in the Nordics – the Nordic Mobility Innovation platform (NMIP) – is bringing together data sources and attempting to lower the barrier to entry for regional MaaS. How did the project begin and what kind of progress [...]

Bringing Nordic Mobility Together2020-04-15T03:26:10+00:00

Travel seamlessly in Sweden

At SilverRail, we believe it is important to allow people to travel seamlessly. Our mission is to make it easy to plan, book, and travel, regardless of how many disparate modes of transportation are involved in a journey. In Sweden, this is already a reality. Our colleagues are already working with rail networks, buses, taxis [...]

Travel seamlessly in Sweden2016-11-03T01:07:53+00:00
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