Jerusalem soon to become the first smart city in Israel

The Jerusalem Municipality intends to install the new communication network within three months, and according to the plan, have dozens of connections active by the end of 2017. The new wireless network will be the basis for a smart city system: it will allow for the installation of a camera network that can monitor the [...]

Jerusalem soon to become the first smart city in Israel2017-05-30T13:02:25+00:00

How Smart Cities Can Increase Public Transit Ridership

A recent report by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) found that a drastic decline in ridership has been taking place on major public transit systems in cities nationwide, with the exception of only a few — namely, New York and Boston. These smart cities have managed to buck the downward trend by embracing technology [...]

How Smart Cities Can Increase Public Transit Ridership2017-05-17T14:30:40+00:00

The promise of a smart, frictionless world

Smart city programmes are reshaping urban landscapes, helping town planners to manage transport networks and other resources more effectively. So how can the concept now be moved from the trial stage to full implementation? In an increasingly connected world, the vision of the smart city is fast becoming a reality. Technological advances and innovative mobility [...]

The promise of a smart, frictionless world2017-03-02T20:19:03+00:00

Uber’s next move to fix transportation in cities

Uber announced earlier this week the launch of their new website called Movement, which provides access to anonymised data from over 2 billion trips to help improve urban planning around the world. It allows users to analyse vehicle movement, travel duration estimates, and other route details over customisable date-ranges. Through this new tool Uber hopes to help city [...]

Uber’s next move to fix transportation in cities2017-01-31T13:40:49+00:00

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities

The world is changing more quickly and in more complex ways than perhaps ever before. Cities are facing dramatic social, economic and environmental challenges and people are moving into cities in volume to find new opportunities. To keep pace, cities are seeking more efficient ways to manage infrastructure and processes and offer citizen services, often [...]

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities2016-11-07T23:50:24+00:00

IBM – A vision of smarter cities

Becoming a “smarter city” is a journey, not an overnight transformation. Cities must prepare for change that will be revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, as they put in place next-generation systems that work in entirely new ways. City administrations must decide what activities are core, and, therefore, what they should shed, retain or explore. Not only [...]

IBM – A vision of smarter cities2016-11-06T18:46:19+00:00

Top 10 smart city tech suppliers

The continuous development of big data analytics, sensors and Internet-enabled devices in cities is well known. However, research now indicates why the front runners in the “smart city” tech market are with IBM, Cisco and Schneider Electric in podium positions. The estimate, released in November by Navigant Research, calculated the trio at the top of [...]

Top 10 smart city tech suppliers2016-11-06T19:09:20+00:00

Xerox launches mobility companion to make travel easier

Xerox announced the Xerox Mobility Companion, an innovative travel solution that interfaces with the systems of different transport operators and providers in a city or region to offer citizens door-to-door trip planning. The solution combines all available travel options such as bus, train, tram, bicycle, car sharing, carpooling and electric car battery recharging services and thus [...]

Xerox launches mobility companion to make travel easier2016-11-06T19:09:47+00:00
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