Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) was established by Innovate UK. Their vision is to create an environment that will make the UK a world leader in transport systems innovation. Their mission is to drive UK global leadership in Intelligent Mobility (IM) – promoting sustained economic growth and wellbeing through integrated, efficient and sustainable transport systems.

TSC are working in collaboration with stakeholders within the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) industry in both public and private sectors to champion innovation in transport. The main focus areas that TSC are currently working on include automated transport systems, modelling & visualisation, customer experience and information exploitation and smart infrastructure.


Imagine a world where journeys are seamless, transport is smart and connected, and delays and congestion are a thing of the past. The Transport Systems Catapult is working to make this vision a reality.

Innovate UK, the Department for Transport, and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategyjointly funded an Intelligent Mobility Special Project called Traveller Needs and UK Capability Study. This study attempted to take a holistic view of Intelligent Mobility across transport modes, sectors, UK geographies, and across all aspects of Intelligent Mobility.

The launch of the Technology Strategy marks an important milestone for the TSC. The Strategy outlines their view of the global opportunities and highlighted where the UK needs to focus in order to maximise the economic potential of Intelligent Mobility innovation and technologies.

The Imagine Festival brings together some of the best minds working in technology and transport to explore new ideas and help drive innovation in many sectors. The event includes presentations from industry leaders, networking opportunities and an exhibition of new and innovative transport technologies. Highlights from this year’s Festival here.


The mobility ecosystem is evolving quickly and continues to attract more investment than ever before. Cities are moving closer to integrated multi-modal solutions, allowing customers to choose their preferred transport mode based on the best way to get from A to B rather than a single dimensional approach through the use of private cars. Their expectations are shifting from ownership to tech-enabled mobility models.

Frost & Sullivan’s expertise in personal and freight mobility research and consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas: integrated door-to-door mobility, journey planning, big data, car sharing, ride sharing, dynamic parking and rapid transit systems.


The Mobility Practice provides global market intelligence, thought leadership to execute key growth opportunities, and tailor-made advisory services within the personal and freight mobility industry. The Mobility division works with clients to identify the top Mega Trends impacting the market, and build innovative business models in the areas of Mobility, Vehicle Technology, Autonomous Driving and Connected Cars, Car Retailing and Aftermarket, Commercial Vehicles, Transport and Rail.

A new Frost & Sullivan analysis on how the empowerment of women is transforming the auto industry outlines that by 2020, more than 40% of women customers’ car purchase decision will hinge on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)’ website information.

Mega trends are transformative global forces that define the future world with their far reaching impact on business, societies, economies, cultures and personal lives. The Future of Mobility consists of technology enabled, door-to-door, multi-modal travel encompassing pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip services to improve journey experience to the traveller. The true disruptive forces in Mobility are taking place via platforms linking supply & demand, a marketplace phenomenon; customers now expect mobility services on demand.

Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility Forum, held annually in London since 2008, has witnessed the realisation of mega trends on the future of mobility – with new products & services being launched as a result. The agenda for this year can be found here.