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 How is SilverRail involved in this space?

Seamless Mobility is not just a dream of a better future – the foundations are being laid right now.

In the UK, for example, rail companies have already begun trialling ways to replace paper tickets with a smartphone app that can keep track of the journeys passengers make, open ticket barriers automatically and deduct the appropriate fare from customers’ bank accounts.

SilverRail is focused on bringing the rail industry into the digital age so that customers can find prices and journey information, buy a ticket and make their journey digitally. But we are also working on real-time, multi-modal information that enables customers to get the most up-to-date information about all aspects of their journey as they need it, no matter how they are travelling.

In Sweden, we are already working with rail networks, buses, taxis and other metropolitan transit providers to create a central data repository that helps customers to plan, book and take trips seamlessly. With our software systems, more than 90 carriers & suppliers and 600+ agents can offer their customers one ticket (that can include travel by bus, train and taxi to many destinations) in one transaction.

No other software can create one ticket for multiple legs of an international land journey and ensure that ticket vendors’ accounts are settled so quickly. There are now more than 35 million bookings a year through our software and over 3,000 users of their sales applications and an additional 20+ API connections.

And in other cities around the world, we are using our data on journey planning queries to allow transit authorities to identify the busiest times for particular types of transport, and bottlenecks that slow travellers’ journeys. Exposing this type of data enables transit companies to proactively plan and better prepare for such event to help make the travellers journey smoother.



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